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qbzr::lib::loggraphprovider::LogGraphProvider Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Loads and computes revision and graph data for GUI log widgets.

Definition at line 46 of file loggraphprovider.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def append_branch
def append_head_info
def append_repo
def branches
def colapse_expand_rev
def compute_branch_lines
def compute_graph_lines
def compute_head_info
def compute_loaded_graph
def compute_merge_info
def ensure_rev_visible
def find_child_branch_merge_revision
def get_repo_revids
def get_revid_branch
def get_revid_repo
def get_revision_visible
def get_revision_visible_if_branch_visible
def get_revision_visible_if_branch_visible_cached
def has_rev_id
def has_visible_child
def invaladate_filter_cache
def invaladate_filter_cache_revs
def load_branch_heads
def load_filter_file_id
def load_filter_file_id_chunk
def load_filter_file_id_chunk_finished
def load_filter_file_id_uses_inventory
def load_graph_all_revisions
def load_graph_pending_merges
def load_revisions
def load_tags
def lock_read_branches
def msri_branch_id_merge_depth
def open_branch
def open_locations
def open_search_index
def post_revision_load
def process_graph_parents
def repos_cmp_local_higher
def repos_sorted_local_first
def revid_from_revno
def revision
def revisions_filter_changed
def search_indexes
def set_branch_visible
def set_search
def throbber_hide
def throbber_show
def unlock_branches
def update_ui

Public Attributes


Private Attributes


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